A good balance between joy and progress

Posted on: 30 August 2022

A good balance between joy and progress

One thing I’m very keen to share with my drummers is the joy of making music. That great feeling when you lose yourself in playing – only to come back happier, as if you’ve been on a mini holiday.

In my experience that joy increases the better you get and some of my students choose graded drum exams as a tool to help make that progress. I applaud their choice, but it does present the challenge of how to maintain joy whilst preparing for an exam.

I’m pleased to say that my drummers and I seem to have found a healthy approach here, one that maintains a good balance between joy and progress.

In July 2022, 12 of my drummers challenged themselves by taking a graded drum exam. And out of the 12:

  • all passed with flying colours
  • all are still drumming with TheDomDom – happily as far as I know 😉
  • And quite a few have already  started to prepare for their next exam….

Well done and big congratulations to:

Alex, Ben, Chelsea, Edward, Eva, Ted, George, Jess, Josie, Megan, Sam and Tom.

I’m very proud of you 🙂 Thank you for drumming with TheDomDom.

And thank you to Jon from RSL Awards for coming to TheDomDom’s studio to grade my drummers.


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