TheDomDom’s Spring Grading 2023

Posted on: 30 April 2023

TheDomDom Spring Term grading 2023

Hats off to the 8 drummers that challenged themselves by taking a graded music exam at TheDomDom’s Spring Grading 2023:

Dominique, Robert, Megan, Merryn, Sam, Rosie, Jacob and Eva.

I’m very pleased to say that everybody passed with flying colours and that 38% of the drummers grading achieved a distinction – our best result to date.

For those wishing to grade, I follow the RSL Rock School syllabus, and stage private gradings at my studio. This means that my drummers don’t have to travel to examination centres and get to excel in familiar surroundings.

A special thank you to Rhys from RSL Awards for coming to my studio to examine my drummers at TheDomDom’s Spring Grading 2023. (30.3.)

I’m very proud of all of those who graded – thank you for being part of TheDomDom.

(For more information on TheDomDom’s gradings see also A good balance between joy and progress – The Dom Dom).

Hi Dom

Thank you so much for teaching Sam and helping him to achieve his Distinction. He was so happy especially after convincing himself that he had failed! He is so positive about starting grade 3 now which is really great. So thank you for all your hard work in teaching him!


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