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Teaching drums in Godalming

As well as teaching drums in Godalming, I’m an active musician and drummer, which means that I keep on learning.

This is important to me as it not only makes me a better player, but allows me to stay mindful of what its like to try and tackle a new skill. Ultimately, this strengthens my connection with the drummers I teach.

It also enables me to make what I teach up-to-date and relevant.

Here are some links to some of the bands I had and have the pleasure of working with:

The Lunar Keys Oxygen Type Watch Oxygen Type  by The Lunar Keys
SoulFood Drive Watch Drive by SoulFood
Satellite Beach Psycho Watch Psycho by Satellite Beach
BlowFly The Real One Watch The Real One by BlowFly

Dom is a fantastic and inspiring teacher. My 10 year old started just with occasional lessons to see if he would take to it, and he has now been doing them regularly for some time. He loves it all and has learnt so much. Dom is super-professional with parents and amazingly fun with the students. But also makes great progress with them. We feel very lucky to have him locally. Really a great music teacher. (And in his own very cool band too!).

Lucy K. 

Dom is an amazing teacher and an incredibly talented drummer. He really gives each student the utmost care and attention and strikes the right balance between thoery and fun. My son has been going to lessons now for a few months and he is thoroughly enjoying it. Keep up the good work Dom! You Rock!!!

Russ S. 

Both myself and my son have been taking lessons from Dom for over a year. I really appreciate his flexibility in tailoring his teaching to our different needs, and he always has a lot of great ideas. I have played on and off for many years, but have improved a lot since working with Dom, especially in areas like bass drum speed and overall independence. He’s also a super nice guy to work with!

James G. 

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