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Tilly (11) has been having lessons with Dom since September 2019 and absolutely loves her drumming. Dom clearly loves what he does and encourages his students to love what they learn. She says “He is the best drumming teacher, good for all people, who are new to the drums and don’t have any experience, or even have lots of experience. I really love coming to the lesson and he is a very kind person and is very patient. I have only been playing for 4 months, and I already know 3 songs.

Lisa Finch

Dom is a fantastic Drum teacher! He provides the perfect amount of encouragement and his incredible skills as a drummer are complimented by his teaching capability which give the perfect mix for a drum teacher. As I am an adult drum student this shows that he can even teach an old dog new tricks! Thanks Dom!

Tristan Scrivens

Tom started drumming lessons with Dom in September and is loving it! Dom is incredibly patient and inspires Tom who looks forward to his lesson every week. Tom loves playing the drums and proudly showed us what he had learned at the end of last term. Incredible progress for one term and most importantly great fun!

Nicola Leclezio

Fun, engaging and well planned lessons from a fantastic drum teacher.

Tamzin Greggs

My son started lessons with Dom in October last year and the progress he has made is incredible. He has been learning to play for a couple of years but since moving his lessons to Dom, his attitude towards drumming has changed so much. He is so enthusiastic and really wants to practice now. Which is great! I can highly recommend The DomDom!

Rebecca Hoy

Scarlett (9) has been learning drums with Dom for a year now and she absolutely loves her lessons. Scarlett says the best things about learning with Dom are that he is incredibly patient, and is very fun. He inspires me to be the best drummer I can be.

Rachel Stead

I have been drumming with Dom since February 2019: lessons are challenging and above all, fun. Not only do we get a lot done, we also have a laugh at the same time. He provides excellent equipment and a comfortable environment in which to learn and (I hope!) thrive.

Gary Peters

My son started drumming lessons with Dom two months ago. His progress is amazing and it’s a whole lot of fun.

Ben Chapman

My son has had lessons with Dom for a few months. He loves it and I really enjoy watching him progress. Dom is a very patient, positive drum teacher! Rock on!

Jeremy Houston

Dom has been teaching Eva (age 8) drums for the past three months. Here is her review of his lessons:
Dom is a very kind teacher and I have learnt some really cool songs and I love playing them. He makes my lessons really fun which makes me want to be a famous drummer!

Alice Searle

Dom is a great teacher, very patient, very relaxed and very skilled.

Carl Newman

Dominik has taken on what some may call a challenge with my son! He started drumming in the summer and has come on leaps and bounds. So much so, that he now has two friends that have joined and equally enjoy rocking out. My son is only 6, but has been taught and has learnt so much already. Five star tuition, here’s to many more jamming sessions!

Vicky Kerslake

Dom has been teaching my twin boys Alfie & Bobby (7) for a year now and they absolutely love their drumming lessons. He has a way of getting kids to enjoy learning an instrument. I have also started lessons (older than 7!) and his passion for drumming and music is infectious. He has inspired me to want to push my self. I couldn’t recommend Dom highly enough for any age group!! Thanks Dom!!!

Joel Richards

A wonderful relaxing environment for my son to learn the drums, and with a great teacher. Thank you Dom!

Joe Whelan

This is submitted by me on behalf of Gary Peters, aged 58. “As a novice drummer of a certain age, I recommend Dom’s lessons for all students, young and old. He is approachable, knowledgeable and endlessly patient. The lessons proceed at the student’s pace, with zero pressure.

Snoo Powell

Dom provides a well-balanced lesson with guidance on drumming notation, practical opportunities and a relaxed approach and plenty of encouragement. My son, age 7, is really enjoying his 30 minute lesson each week and is making great progress. I’d highly recommend signing up!

Sarah Moss

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