Talent loves work ethic

Posted on: 7 April 2023

Talent loves work ethic

Talent is wonderful.

But it really wants to be friends with a healthy work ethic to properly flourish. Plus we can’t choose to be talented, but we can choose to commit. That’s why I’m keen to reward effort and work ethic:

At the start of their lesson I encourage my drummers to tell me how many minutes they’ve practiced in the 7 days since I last saw them and for each ten minutes practiced, I award them one point on the ‘Who’s-aceing-the-DomDom’s-TomToms’ chart (see picture above). At the end of each term, the holders of the top 5 scores get to choose a prize. By way of example, please see this term’s choice of prizes below:

  1. Learn a song from SoulFood’s set list and perform it with SoulFood either in rehearsal or live on stage*
  2. Star in a DomDom educational video (as per the ones in your DomDom video library)
  3. Donate your price and have the DomDom sponsor the planting of 100 trees
  4. A free drum lesson

I’m pleased to say that many of my top practisers opt for the trees (which always feature amongst the prize options) and – at the time of writing  – are jointly responsible for the arrival of 3219 trees.

A big thank you to the team at trees.org for physically planting the trees we sponsor.

This term, my congratulations and respect goes to the following ‘talent loves work ethic’ winners:

Paul, Dominique, Gary (adults), Sam M., Amber, Eva, Megan, Sam S. (juniors).

Onwards & upwards

*Soul Food is the cover band I drum in.


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