TheDomDom’s Autumn Grading 2023

Posted on: 9 January 2024

TheDomDom Autumn term grading 2023

On the 8th of December, 18 of those I have the pleasure of drumming with took part in TheDomDom’s Autumn Grading 2023.

I’m very pleased to report that this grading was not only our biggest one yet, but also our best in terms of results:

0 passes, just 9 merits and 9 distinctions -:)

Hats off and big congratulations to:

Matthew, Dominique, Bianca, Joshua, Freddie, Rosie, Alex, Josie, Jess, Ted, Sam, Jonathan  x 2, Megan, Jacob, James, Edward and Eva.

And a big thank you to Sean from RSL Awards. He aced a marathon day whilst re-adjusting to UK time having only returned from Indonesia the day prior.

(For more information on TheDomDom’s gradings see also A good balance between joy and progress – The Dom Dom).

Oh my god!!! I can’t believe I got a distinction as well!! Honestly, I had made peace with not getting that 😀 this has made me sooo happy, thank you so much for sharing and great to know so quickly. What a great Christmas gift!

Thank you so much for your kind words as well, although I want to say that the privilege is mine! You are a fab teacher, thank you for sharing your amazing drumming skills and encouraging me to feel confident to take on the challenges. 


Hey Dom – this is the most fantastic news! Always just hoping for a Pass but what a fantastic result! We’re very proud of Alex too and very grateful for all your teaching and support that has got him to this point.  A great drumming duo!

Thank you!


Oh wow!!!!! This result is amazing!! When he came out and told me about his mistakes I didn’t expect him to be anywhere near 90!!! He is so so proud of himself and so are we!!! Just shows that the distinction was within his reach if he had nailed those technical exercises!! So so impressed with him.

Thanks again for everything Dom. He adores his lessons and you. So pleased that we found you. 


Thank you very much for sending through Jonathan’s results – to say he is happy is an understatement! We are so proud of what he has achieved since starting lessons with you in February. Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching and encouragement.


Thank you for letting me know my drum grade results. I am over the moon. Thank you so much for helping me achieve my  grade 4.


Thanks Dom, he could not have done it without you.  You are a legend! 

Ben (Ted’s dad)

Thank you very very much for bringing out the very best in Matthew and Rosie. Their results were amazing. You inspire them both so much and very very few people have ever achieved this with Rosie! 


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