TheDomDom’s Summer Term Concert 2023

Posted on: 29 July 2023

TheDomDom Summer Term Concert 2023

TheDomDom’s Summer Term Concert 2023 holds a very special place in my heart. Why? It was the first DomDom concert to feature a live band. Whilst our previous 5 concerts saw my drummers perform to backing tracks, our 6th offered my students the chance to perform all live. A big thank you to my colleagues Nick and Russ from SoulFood here: They made this possible by providing bass, guitar and vocals.

I’m very pleased that 9 of the 23 performers took advantage of this opportunity. They experienced the joy of making music with others*. And they developed those aspects of drumming that are akin to the responsibilities a conductor holds: counting the band in, keeping time and managing changes in structure, dynamics and tempo.

Hats off to Merryn, Sam M., Sam S., Joshua, Gary, Ava, James, Eva and Otto.

And to all the drummers who challenged themselves and generously entertained our 124 strong audience:

Conor, Bianca, Freddie, Nala, Jonathan, Megan, Ted, Amber, Rosie, Paul, Dominique, Edward, Matthew and Jamie. 

As planned, TheDomDom’s Summer Term Concert saw our return to The Pavilion. This great venue did us proud for the 2nd time and I am very grateful to Wendy and her wonderful team for hosting us.  Thank you 🙂

And, as is customary at the end of term, the concert gave me a welcome opportunity to recognise the DomDom drummers that dedicated the most time to practice: Big congratulations to those with the highest scores on the ‘Who’s-aceing-TheDomDom’s-TomToms’ chart:

Joshua, Dominique, Gary, Paul (adults), Jonathan, Sam S., Megan, Amber, Eva S. (juniors).

Here’s to the next one.

Onwards & upwards 🙂

*see also my blog ‘A pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled’


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